Memorial Weekend 2011

6 Jun

Q:Wait…what? Memorial Day? What happened to California part 2? For that matter, what happened to February, March, April and most of May?

A: Ummm…yeeah. So I’ve noticed that I go through cycles of blogging activity. The down times (no posts) are usually during times when I am experiencing technical difficulties in running my life. Nothing huge. Just…stuff. So don’t cry for those lost months or the blog posts that could have been. They are gone and they ain’t comin’ back.

Q: So, you’re just never going to finish writing about your trip to California, or the rest of your homeschool year, or post pictures from your daughter’s birthday or quote your son’s latest verbal eccentricities?

A: I might get around to a catch-up back post. Or I might not. No pressure on me.

Q: Fine. So, Memorial Weekend?

A: Right. You may or may not remember (depending on your lack of reading material/mental stimulation over the last year) that my hubby’s family has an annual tradition of gathering in Idaho on Memorial weekend at a little, slightly-run-down-but-heavily-sentimental-to-the-Johnson-clan spot called Mack’s Inn. There is always rain, that’s guaranteed, and because there is always rain, there is always mud. Most of the time there is also snow.

That’s right. We crazy Johnsons use the weekend most Americans regard as the official kick-off of summer to congregate in one of the only places in the United States that is still experiencing winter. And we like it.

Some fish, some ride ATVs (yes, they put helmets on)…

…we (our small section of the clan) almost always do some hinking…

(the elk like this trail too)

…and spend at least one day in the good ol’ YNP.

This year we took the official guided tour of Old Faithful Lodge, which we have never done before, and it was pretty stinkin’ cool.

And even though we all live in the American west and see them on a regular basis (I could name three ranches within 20 minutes of my front door), we still, for some reason, feel compelled to pull over and take a picture every time we see a Bison.

Just like tourists.

How was your Memorial weekend?


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