October Review

12 Nov

Hmmm… two weeks into November… Thanksgiving approacheth… time to get around to posting the Halloween pics. And a bit of an October review in photos.

One of R’s favorite games this last month was Alphabet Hopscotch. I’m not sure if he liked the letters so much as the excuse to throw rocks, but either way he is now recognizing most of the first half of the alphabet.



L, on the other hand, really got into a little math game we made and called Pumpkins and Ghosts. Because it had a bunch of little pumpkins. And some ghosts. We’re original like that.

She’d shake a handful of the beans (with ghost and pumpkin faces drawn on them- it didn’t take as long as you would think) onto the tray, and then write an addition sentence based on how many beans, how she sorted them, etc. She loved it and I really like to present the kids with games and activities that engage their creativity and allow them to assert their preferences, rather than having everything pre-determined with only one possible solution.

We’ve been using themes to organize our learning activities and that is working out really well. For October, the themes were Columbus,  Bears and Hibernation, and Halloween.  I just have to say that I have always loved children’s literature- something about the simple story with the picture book images (some of my favorite art is found in picture books) just excites me, but never have I appreciated the genre so much than I have as a homeschooling parent. Whatever I want to teach, whatever the kids want to learn, there’s a wonderful picture book to help the process along. In October:

We love this series- it belonged to me and my sisters when we were kids.

L got really into the Chet Gecko series by Bruce Hale and got to participate in book discussion at the library. And when I say ‘participate’ I mean dominate, as she was the only kid who showed up. So she and the children’s librarian chatted it up for a half hour. It started her on a bit of a mystery kick. She read two more in the Chet Gecko series and then discovered American Girls History Mysteries. I’ve hardly seen her face since.

I won’t even try to list all the Halloween books we read and loved, but The House That Drac Built was our favorite this year.

For Halloween we drove down to Blackfoot to be with B (no, we are still not moved- that is another story. One that involves looking at many houses, waiting patiently, finding one with the Magic, and then not getting it- but that is for another post) and then we all trucked down further south to SLC for Boo at the Zoo. Hogle Zoo, that is.

R was a Jedi who would not wear the awesome Padwan braid his dedicated mother made for him, and, after about 10 minutes, didn’t want to carry his lightsaber, so… basically just a kid in a robe. But a cute one.

Here he has used the Dark Side of the Force to stuff as much candy in his mouth as possible while still allowing for a mischievous grin.

L was a princess.  She took her role quite seriously…

…except when hobnobbing and running amok with this little devil, cousin Bella. Other cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents joined the throng…



A grand time was had by all. We threatened tricks if treats were not given later that night as well, but we have no pictures because it was pouring rain. The kids were dedicated to their candy-seeking, though, and pulled through.

Hope your October was fun and memorable too.




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