All Things Autumnal

22 Oct

I love fall. I may have mentioned that a couple (dozen) times here on the blog. Okay, just once more: I ♥love♥ fall.

I find more inspiration in nature -for writing, for art, for homeschooling, for cooking, everything- during the autumn than at any other time of year.

Last Saturday the kids and I went to a Fall Festival at our local community farm, in a beautiful area of Missoula known as The Rattlesnake (I know that doesn’t sound so beautiful, but trust me on this one). There we found an abundance of All Things Autumnal. For example: Great Pumpkins, Charlie Brown.

Not to mention a pumpkin patch (in the background behind the adorable short fellow with the mischievous grin)…

…which was occupied by its very own (grayish) black cat. Ophelia.

Then, of course, there was apple cider and bobbing for apples…

…which is harder than it looks! R and L both  tried the lip-suction method, but ended up biting the stems of those few apples that had them. And they may have used their fingers. Just a little.

There were pony rides, and a tractor-pulled hay ride…

And hay bales to run and jump on.

As you can imagine, we had a rollicking good time.  We only wish B had been there with us.

Happy Fall!

Love, AM


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