Wordless (Almost) Wednesday

26 Aug

How about Very Few Words Wednesday? And it is still Wednesday for a few more minutes, at least in my time zone.

Me, L, and R, Camping Trip, Lake Como. This is how we do back-to-school.

Science: The refraction of sunlight through this tarp turns my belly-button green.

Hey me too! Results of experiment may be duplicated.

Theater Arts: Shadow Puppet show time!

More Science: Hands-on study of the Pine Butterfly.

Proper handling of the specimen...

Observe in natural habitat...


Physical Education: Climb and conquer.

Climb, conquer, and chillax.

Math: 1 Boy + 1 Tube...

...+ 1 Girl + 1 Tube...

= 4 days of beach fun.

Visual Arts: Sand sculpture fortress.

A collaborative effort.

Culinary Arts: The menu? Mischief...

... and S'mores.

Language Arts: Write it all down in your journals guys!

And don't forget bedtime stories in the tent.

The world is our classroom.

Learning is Life.

"Thanks for taking us camping Mom."

You’re welcome munchkins. I love you.



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