And a poem…

20 Jul

I meant to add this to the last post, but I forgot and now it gets its own. I think it’s deserving.

June Evening

The quilt upon the grass is laid, and, not

Unwrinkled by the tread of naked feet

Or resting heads of flaxen fairy silk

Which crown fair, dimpled faces, left to meet

The ants and beetles trafficking their crumbs,

No finger’s flick to send them soon away,

For fading golden light has bid us dance

And dream, but sleep not, though ‘tis ending day.

When rolling lawn, our emerald sea, doth spread

Before us in and out the maple’s shade

We cannot help but bathe in garden’s dew

Our beds’ appointments pleasantly delayed.

The quilt will have us back again before

Apollo to his sister light concedes

And there we’ll read and let the pages burn

Into our minds a path which twists and leads

To hazy regions ne’er before explored,

Familiar still in some forgotten way

Where until morning light in peace we’ll dwell

While stars our laughter silently replay.

If quilt, if feet are henceforth summer stained,

Their tint aglow ‘neath waning Strawb’rry Moon,

These scars’ rich complement will draw our minds

To this midsummer dance, this eve, this June.

Love, AM


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