Abitus Sed Non Oblitus (apparently this is Latin)

20 Jul

Not sure why I chose Latin. Perhaps I’m feeling classical. But anyway, Abitus Sed Non Oblitus is Latin for “gone but not forgotten,” which is how I am feeling about the first half of this summer. And by the way… how is the summer half over?? Wasn’t Memorial weekend only a few days ago? And now, suddenly I have a virtual (literally) stack of outings and events and crafty stuff I’ve been meaning to blog (I call this ‘The I Need to Blog This Stack’) with more being added every day.  This is, after all more than just a blog. It’s my journal, scrapbook, and family album all rolled into one. And there are so many things I don’t want to forget. Like:

Father’s Day, and the fun craft the kids and I made for B (it’s a key chain). And thanks to my friend Mariam for the idea…

Making Bog Babies with my babies…

The Fourth of July…

The way R ended up with these ‘Star Wars’ shoes instead of these shoes, even though he really, really wanted the supremely ugly Spiderman ones (I told him if he picked the shoes I liked I would buy him a toy to go with them. Yes, sometimes even I resort to shameless bribery. I couldn’t let my son walk around in those shoes. Look again. Seriously, look again. They have purple glitter on the toes)…

Camping at Holland Lake and sticking it out despite the thunder storm, then hiking to Holland Falls the next day…

This cute (if I do say so myself) skirt I made for a church fundraiser…

My L as the tiniest and cutest seahorse ever in Missoula Children’s Theater’s The Little Mermaid…

And me and B celebrating our 10 year (10 year!) wedding anniversary. I love you honey.

Not to mention doing Glacier National Park with the kids and Nanna, but that will have to have its own post because O. M. Guggenheim.

Hope your summer is keeping you busy and soaring as well.

Love, AM


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