Family Quilt, Grocery Haiku

15 Jun

Reading aloud to my children is one of my favorite things to do. On a typical day, the three of us will read together for an hour or more in the afternoon, plus another half hour or more at bedtime. I like to give them carte blanc at the library, to get them excited about their choices, and then to ask them questions about the story and what they think will happen before the next page turn. I am always amazed at the insightful answers they give. Even with L reading on her own now (chapter books!), reading aloud together is still a major harmonizer for this mamma and her babes.

But this past week, I’ve had a cold. And a sore throat. And my voice has been nearly gone. It’s not that I can’t read out loud so much as I just don’t feel like it. I hate not wanting to; it makes me sad. B will read to the kids when he’s home, but, as great as Daddy is at wrestling, hide-and-seek, and knowledge-of-all-things-Superman, he just doesn’t do stories like Mom (ie: he doesn’t do the voices).  I needed to find something the three of us could do together; a quiet, engaging project that would bring us as physically and mentally and spitirually close as our usual afternoon stories-and-snuggles sessions.  The solution? A family quilt.

L,R, and I designed it, cut it, laid it out, measured it, and have begun to sew it, using only fabric and materials that we already had on hand at home. Even Buzz Lightyear has pitched in. I think we will end up yarn-tying it rather than actually quilting, once we have it all pieced, just because that’s more on the kids’ skill level. It not even finished and I already have a special place in my heart for this nothing fancy, homemade, hand-made, love-made quilt that hasn’t cost a dime. It will be the perfect thing for snuggling up and reading stories once I’m feeling up to it again.  Now I know these pics aren’t much of a preview, but photos of the finished product will be coming soon.

To end things on a random note, I was putting away groceries earlier this evening when my sister-in-law, whose quick wit and ready vocabulary frequently inspire my green-eyed monster to rear her pretty little head (what? some monsters are pretty), challenged me to make up a haiku, based on what I was doing, on the spot. And here it is:

I opened the bag

It’s my fault, the grapes falling

Regret stains like grapes

BOOYAH. Deep, right? 🙂

Soar on,



2 Responses to “Family Quilt, Grocery Haiku”

  1. uglicoyote June 16, 2010 at 5:46 pm #

    daughter writes haiku
    about groceries and grapes
    where did I go wrong

    • impulse2soar June 16, 2010 at 7:48 pm #

      they say the apple
      falls near the tree; an orchard
      of wordplay, my youth

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