Memorial Weekend 2010

6 Jun

I married into a family with traditions. Some of these traditions include frequently arguing about who was arguing with who at such and such point in the past and what they were arguing about, individual pumpkin pies (regular 9″  size) at Thanksgiving, and scaring the crud out of small children (not ours, other people’s) at Halloween. I love all these time-honored practices. Really. But the J family tradition that takes the cake is:

Glamorous, isn’t it?

My husband’s family has been coming to Mack’s Inn, Idaho for the opening day of fishing season (Memorial weekend) since B’s great-grandfather was three years old.  Which is why, as sarcastic as I may at times be concerning the, ummm…  aesthetics of this establishment, it means a great deal to him and it really has come to mean something special to me as well.

What it means:A weekend in close, pine-scented quarters with these people.

And these people.

Pretty much all of these people (best-looking family seen on far right).

And despite the inevitable drama that all families seem to have when thrown together and thrown out of their normal routines for a few days, it’s a good thing.

Other good things that happen at Mack’s:

Little boys become Yellowstone explorers.

Little girls catch their first fish.

Cousins get ‘Missouri boat rides’ from Grandpa.

Families build memories.

And nature knocks at our door.

So who needs glamor or pleasing aesthetics? We’ve got Mack’s.

Hope your kick-off-to-summer-weekend helped you and your family to soar.




One Response to “Memorial Weekend 2010”

  1. kim June 10, 2010 at 3:29 pm #

    Muy bien. Can you email the family picture?

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