And Many Happy Returns to You

1 Jan

Happy New Year everyone. Huh, I feel a little strange saying Happy New Year when I never got a chance to say Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas, but there you have it. Such is life. Ce la vi (la vi) and que serra (I can sing it but I’m not sure how to spell it). I hope both your Thanksgiving and your Christmas and whatever other holidays you may celebrate were peaceful and joyous and full of love.

Through a series of events that I don’t really want to go into right now, our family’s life has been turned upside down over the past couple of months and we now have found ourselves back in Montana (this is a good thing), in a strange and disconcerting stage of employment and residence limbo. How grateful I am that, for me, home is not defined by the walls and space I sleep in, but by the loved ones who are with me, and whom I carry with me always in my heart: CameraDad, Chickadee, and Chickadoo.

I am not now, and have not been recently in a very ‘blog’ kind of place. But things are looking up. I’m remembering who I was, who I am, and who I still can be. If there are any of you readers out there who followed me here from my old blog, anomaly room, I’m sure you’re wondering where those perky, maniacally creative, happy posts went. I’m working on it. I seem to have this problem in my life with congruity. . . with bringing all the various pieces of myself together to make a whole. I tend to focus on one part of who I am and forget the rest, only to find that I need those parts just as much as ever. Or maybe it’s just that I focus on myself a little too much overall 🙂 Well, 2010 will bring more opportunities to soar, and I will not falter or fail. I’m hoping to see some long-sought after dreams and goals come to fruition (there I go, always looking for an excuse to use that word). And I hope this New Year will see your dreams coming true as well.

Love to All,



One Response to “And Many Happy Returns to You”

  1. kim May 7, 2010 at 8:37 pm #

    I’m bored. New post please.

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