Architecture and Art

19 Oct

Okay, I’m getting fairly annoyed with my camera and its whole “No, I don’t feel like uploading today” attitude. I have actual images of actual (not available in stores) adorable children and their sewing projects (they each made a pillow from favorite shirts they’ve outgrown :)) to share! All I have to say is humph. Moving on. . .

Our attentions this past week have, unfortunately, been mainly on getting the kids healthy as they have both had the flu. It was supposed to be Dinosaur Week, complete with an overnight trip to Moab, but Jurassic, Paleozoic, and Cretaceous had to take a backseat to Motrin, Tamiflu, and homemade honey cough syrup :(. That’s okay. We can reschedule the dinosaurs.

The week before last was Building Week here at Learning Adventure HQ. Chickadoo, Chickadee and I spent the week stacking and arranging Mega blocks, wooden alphabet blocks, and Imagi-Bricks in a hundred different ways. We read about and looked at pictures of famous buildings around the world, from the tallest to the most recognizable to the oldest still standing (this is apparently a touchy subject among archeological nerd-types) (and I mean nerd in a good way:)). The week ended on a high note with a mom-sanctioned mud activity: We built our very own model rock-and-mortar house, using soil from our very own garden, grass from our very own lawn, and water from our very own hose to mix the mud mortar. And you know what? It worked! We can’t move the house from its place in the backyard for fear of it falling apart, but ancient peoples would not have had to worry about that. In my modern, technologically oriented world I am agog and I am aghast (is Marius in love at last?) that historians did not just make up tales about families building homes from mud and rock so that we would have something interesting to read about- no! The process actually works. A house can be made of rocks and mud! No general contractor or Home Depot credit card necessary! Boy, I sure hope the kids learned as much as I did ๐Ÿ™‚

And now: Some of Chickadee’s artwork from Building Week.l buildingl house

And just a couple of my recent favorites.

l birdThe baby bird hatched, so that’s why there is an egg yolk in the nest. 5 yr old reasoning ๐Ÿ™‚

l horse

Keep soaring. Love, AM


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  1. uglicoyote November 8, 2009 at 6:29 pm #

    Actually, I’ve always preferred “hrumpf” over “humph.” Seems more… I don’t know-indignant?

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