Black Hair, Yellow Bag, and Superfluous-osity

26 Jul

I like the word superfluous. Today I decided that the psuedonyms I’ve been using for my children here on Impulse To Soar are superfluous. In the interest of internet safety I still don’t want to use their real names though, so I hereby re-dub the munchkins Chickadee (she) and Chickadoo (he).

Now Chickadee went along with CameraDad on a business trip this weekend, so Chickadoo and I have been spending some quality time together. Being the second child, he and I really haven’t had a lot of one-on-one time so this has been really fun. We went for a long bike ride, sang some Raffi songs, treated ourselves to dinner, picked up a couple of awesome fire truck and train books at the DI and made it home just as the rain started falling. Along the way, here are some things that Chickadoo and I decided are superflous:

1.The Letter C. Chickadoo sings the alphabet song without it (he calls them the ABDEs), and quite frankly I think he’s on to something. Think about it: the letter K makes the hard C sound, the letter S makes the soft C sound. What do we need the letter C for? Superfluous!

2.Chicken, Rice, and Veggies before Frozen Yogurt. I don’t think I really need to explain this one. It’s a truth we all recognize.

3. The ‘Cow’ in ‘Holy Cow.’  Or the ‘Holy’ in ‘Holy Cow.’ Did you know you don’t actually need them both? I say Holy, Chickadoo says Cow, and we seem to understand each other.

He’s tucked in bed now, wearing his fire truck shirt, Lightning McQueen undies, and fuzzy Wiggles slippers. Who needs pants? They’re superfluous. But here’s what’s not: A second hug, another goodnight kiss, one more snuggle, and a sixteenth ‘Wuvoo, Mom.’  Those gems have no limits:)

tuckered out

p.s. To make this post just slightly superfluous, I am pleased to present: da-da-da-da!

The Sassiest Yellow Shoulder Bag that Has Ever Been Purchased for the Low Low Price of $1, and, by popular demand (that means you Mom), My New Hair Style. Enjoy!the best yellow bag everthen and nowon the sidenew hair bw


One Response to “Black Hair, Yellow Bag, and Superfluous-osity”

  1. Sandi Henderson July 26, 2009 at 6:35 pm #

    I love the picture where you are standing in front of the shot with your hair in the caramel tones! LOL (Which for the record, although I do like the new do, is my favorite Amber look to date. the one in the picture behind you in the picture…) Ok, confused now? Good.

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