Soaring Lesson #1

28 May

Today is Thursday. Thursday is bathroom cleaning day. Why, you say? No, no, not because I’m obsessive-compulsive. I’m really not. (No, I’m not!) Thursday is bathroom cleaning day because I have the desire to A) have a clean home and also B) have a life. So I assign chores like bathroom cleaning, kitchen mopping, etc. a day of the week. That way, if I stick to the schedule, nothing ever ‘builds up’ or becomes overwhelming as far as house-work goes. 30 minutes in the bathroom every Thursday, and I’m done. Along with these once-weekly chores, I have also assigned myself once- daily chores, and once-monthly chores.

Here’s where our first lesson in Soaring through Life comes in. 

Lesson 1: Sometimes, the things we plan to do on a given day are NOT the things we need to do. Sometimes, it’s okay to check nothing off the list. Sometimes, somedays are for making memories.

Today the kids and I made a rope swing and hung it in the apricot tree in the backyard. Much swinging and giggling and Tarzan- calling ensued. I wove some randomly-placed,  tiny braids into Princess Vocabulary’s hair, then did mine to match. We tried to count all the apricots our tree will give us in August, and TrainGoat and I counted the number of times we heard a train whistle across town. We made blueberry muffins and ate them on a blanket in the yard as we watched a rainstorm slowing moving in from the South. Then TrainGoat had stories and a nap, and I helped Princess Vocabulary ‘sew’ some ‘streamers’  for the I Love Daddy Party she is throwing tonight-  Just CameraDad and the kids while I am at my writer’s group.  

I did not clean the bathroom.

And Thursday is not when I blog.

But I still give this day a great big checkmark, and maybe even a gold star 🙂

Hope yours was wonderful as well 🙂

p.s. If you are hankerin’ for photos, I really am planning on posting some soom. In the meantime, go to CD’s flickr page:


One Response to “Soaring Lesson #1”

  1. Ashley May 31, 2009 at 6:22 am #

    look at you! I give this a gold start too:)… you cleaned it on Friday, didn’t you?? after turning in a circle and turning on and off the lights 28 times to reset the balance of the earth (jk)you mumbling-“turn, flick, turn, flick, ‘Not thursday toilet’, turn flick, ‘not thursday tub’…”

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