Three Things to Love and Free Advice for Your Rock Band

22 May

Three things to love about late spring/ early summer:

1. Kite flying with my family. I love kites. I think flying them sort of absorbs a small part of  my desire to fly and diminishes the human indignity of having been born without wings.

2. Teaching the kids to fold their arms into their chests and cross their ankles for better momentum when rolling down grassy green hills. No, knolls. Let’s go with knolls. I never get to use that word. And WOW! haven’t done that in a long time. Little bit dizzy-fying.

3. Seeing the first little sprouts popping up in our vegetable garden- corn, melons, cucumbers, lettuce! I confess, when Princess Vocabulary and I sowed those seeds, I wasn’t sure they would grow. Maybe my black thumbs are giving way to dark green. Or maybe it’s all PV. 

And with the annual resurgence of warm weather, AnomalyMom and family have been a little bit bicycle crazy. We have one of those clever trailers for the kids to ride in (thanks Mom and Dad!) and we’ve been pedaling all around town. Which brings me to rock bands (I knew you were wondering). 

Like many communities, our little town features summer ‘Concerts in the Park;’ free, pull-up-a-lawn-chair -and- pack- a -picnic- type events, usually featuring local groups and local groupies. Well, we were out for a family bike ride and noticed one of these shindigs going down at the city park, so we selected a section of sod and had a seat.  The musical group of the evening, who shall remain nameless, was comprised of one female guitarist, one male bass player, and one drummer of unidentifiable gender. After listening to three or four songs, I turned to CameraDad and declared (quietly) that this band was undoubtedly the most courageous group of musicians I had ever heard. Seriously. It takes real chutzpa to get up on stage (or pavilion, in this case), play popular rock songs that everyone in your audience is likely to know and love, and really, really suck. CD agreed, and we left.

Here is where my Free Advice comes in.  If you are in a band that plays a lot of covers, please read on. For the good of all humanity, read on. If you are not in a band you may be excused.

If you and your band are going to play songs that everyone in your audience is likely to know and love, songs that have already topped the charts, then either bring something to the song, or leave it alone! Play it the way we love it! Don’t change the lyrics to “Always have to steal my kiss from you” just because your tongue isn’t dexterous enough to say “kisses” in one beat. Don’t make Bobby McGee into a rhythmic march- Janis Joplin didn’t have rhythm. That’s why we like her!  

Okay. Whew! I’m done now. Wow, that was kind of a negative rant for me. Sorry. But somethings have to be said. And other things are better left unsung 🙂 


3 Responses to “Three Things to Love and Free Advice for Your Rock Band”

  1. Ashley May 31, 2009 at 6:14 am #

    OH! I want to fly kites and ride bikes with you guys!
    -I don’t doubt they stunk it up and
    you know I love ya more than my luggage, but I have to say that Janice was covering that song… and this is how it was first (roger miller, written by Kristopherson, whom I love)….

    • impulse2soar June 1, 2009 at 3:20 am #

      I know Janice was covering too, but she brought something to the song. That’s my point! She did it in a way that people love and so if Unknown Band can’t bring it in their own way, they should leave it alone 🙂

  2. Ashley May 31, 2009 at 6:14 am #

    looks like you have to copy and paste…

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