…And You Didn’t Know It

4 May

Hello people who love me. Still soaring? Hey- me too! 

Today I wanted to share with you some of the fun we have had with words in our household over the past month. As some of you know, we are home-schoolers whose goal is to instill in our children a life-long love of learning and creating. The focus of our school lessons in April was poetry (April is National Poetry Month). How do you teach poetry to a 5yr old and a 2yr old, you may ask? Well, young grasshopper, I feel some of that free, unsolicited advice coming on.  And here it is:

Never underestimate the ability of even the smallest child to appreciate and comprehend in their own way that which is beautiful and touches the human spirit. They are human too.

Anywhoo, we started by reading some of their favorite rhyming story books and clapping out the rhythm of the words. Then we dove into Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, and A.A.Milne. Jack Prelutsky has a really fun book out called ‘Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry’ that was very helpful and hilarious. We made lists of things we could write about, rhyming words that had to do with these things, and then, of course, we wrote some poems. Towards the end of the month we dove into exploring free verse poetry, or poetry that does not have meter or rhyme. We found at the library a very cool children’s biography of William Carlos Williams called ‘River of Words,’ and read that several times- the kids loved it and so did I.  

So you say you’d like to see the products of this month of wordsmithery (yes, I made that word up)? Here ye be.  One (epic) poem from Princess Vocabulary, one poem from Train Goat (okay, I confess, it’s just something I overheard him saying in a sing-song way, but I think he got the idea), one poem that was a joint effort from the kids and me, and one poem from me. Ta Da! Here goes:

The Grizzly Bear and the Unicorn

by Princess Vocabulary


There was a grizzly bear who had a horn

and he stomped along through the forest.

He said Grrrrr!

He was a grizzly bear.


He found a stream, 

got in it,

and got a fish to eat.

He ate it, but he was still hungry.


So he stomped through the forest again

and found lots of berry bushes.

He said Grrrrr!

 He was a grizzly bear.


He saw a pink unicorn.

He went over and said “Hi,

I have a horn just like you.

Are you hungry like me?”

And the unicorn said yes.

“Want to find something to eat?”

And the unicorn said yes.


So the grizzly bear stomped

and the unicorn trotted through the forest

back to the berry bushes

where they ate lots of berries.


Then they found berry baskets and picked berries

and filled the baskets.

And then they saw people who wanted to eat them,

but they could run fast

so they got away and hid behind a tree.

And they were safe, luckily.


Then they saw hotdogs on the ground

and bananas up in the tree

and they were still hungry.


They didn’t talk.

They sang a song called Oh Good, We Got Away,


Oh Good, We Found Something to Eat.

And they were happy forever.

They found a cozy place to hide from the people

in the berry bush. 


Then they saw a bunny.

It was raining, but they liked the rain.

They went out of the berry bush and had lots of fun.

They built a house for the bunny

and the bunny baked a cake for them.

They said Thank You.


The bunny found somebody to marry,

and the unicorn found somebody to marry,

and the grizzly bear found somebody to marry

(a girl bear with a horn like his).

And then they saw the sunshine.



On TheWay to Panda Express

by Train Goat


Baa Baa Yes Yes

Panda Panda Panda

Baa Baa Yes Yes 

Yummy Yummy Panda



Scuba- Dooba

By AnomalyMom and Munchkins


I’m a diver who loves diving scuba.

I strap my tank on in Aruba,

Then plunge into the deep

of the coral reef keep

with the fish of the undersea zoo-ba.


Yes, I spend all day long with the fishes,

for to scuba is what my true wish is.

Like a tea bag I steep

where the seahorses sleep,

while the sand in between my toes squishes.




by AnomalyMom


Why do cats eat mice?

I believe it’s a matter of size.

A cat is proportioned to pounce on a mouse

as he scurries across the floor

but, who’s to say, if he could catch one,

he wouldn’t like bison more?


Now wasn’t that fun? I think so. For an endless supply of poems, go to the Academy of American Poets website, poets.org  where you will find some of my favorites including, but not limited to, The Writer by Richard Wilbur, This is Just to Say by William Carlos Williams, and all things Robert Frost and Walt Whitman. Then put your pen to paper and let your own words flow. Afterall, you’re a poet. . .

Love, AM




One Response to “…And You Didn’t Know It”

  1. Ashley May 7, 2009 at 5:30 pm #

    wow! PV’s poem is epic… love, friendship, adventure and yet, an insatiable hunger(!)common in all humankind??…this is some deep stuff.
    Has she read Howl? or are you waiting until she turns six to introduce her to .. “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
    dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix;
    Angel-headed hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection
    to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night.”

    You know she’s going to love it. “You mean like if the bus was on fire? and the people were burning?”lol!!

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