Helen Keller, Pseudonymns, and Rules

26 Apr

Welcome to The Impulse to Soar! Hooray and hurrah for a new blog!  If any of you readers have followed me here from one of my previous blogs, AnomalyRoom, and My Family, My Purpose, My Joy, thanks for your loyalty (and by loyalty, I mean lack of anything better to do). So, an introduction:

You may be familiar with the source of this blog’s name, but for those of you who are not, here’s the quote (it’s one of my favorites):

One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar. – Helen Keller

I can think of no better way to describe the way I desire to live my life than that I feel the impulse to soar. And the ways in which I act on that impulse may not be what someone else might define as ‘soaring,’ but they are what I will be writing about here. The things that make my life meaningful, and memorable, and full. If you’re looking for tragic melancholy and drama – try another blog. My life is filled with purpose and joy. And sometimes pep and spunk. That’s right- you’ve been forewarned. This blogger asserts that there is magic to be found in the mundane, that there is good to be done everyday, and that lives are shaped and nations are altered one human-to-human moment (particularly parent-to-child moment) at a time.

So, you can call me AnomalyMom, or AM if you don’t feel like typing the whole thing out. My distinguished husband, whose marital attentiveness and fatherly antics are world renown (or, at least, they should be) shall heretofore be known as: CameraDad, or CD. He’s a photographer. The offspring of this dynamic duo are:

Princess Vocabulary (PV), age 5 tomorrow, who regularly surprises us by saying things like, I would actually prefer the more brilliant crayon, or Apparently, this rock is volcanic.

 Train Goat (TG), age 2, whose love of all things railroad has earned him the distinction of Train Foamer among some of our railroading acquaintances. I decided to substitute ‘Goat’ for ‘Foamer,’ however, to highlight his other distinctive personality traits; his ability to climb anything everything, and his propensity to eat many things which are not meant to be edible. Very goat-like. 

And Who are You? There’s the question. Hopefully you are the friends, family and adoring public of the aforementioned family. Hopefully you are also finding joy in your existence and purpose in your daily grind. Whoever you are, here’s what you can expect from The Impulse To Soar:

1. Free, unsolicited advice. Love it!

2. Entertaining and enlightening kid anecdotes.

3. A new post no more than once a week.

4. I’m a writer, so some poetry, some fun new vocab words, and if you’re lucky, maybe a sneak peek at some stories I’m working on. 


Here’s what not to expect from The Impulse to Soar:

1. No politics! No Asses, Pachiderms, or Woodchucks* allowed. I have the priveledge of belonging to two wonderful families; my family by birth and my family by marriage. These families are each politically active and outspoken, but on opposite sides of the fence. Sometimes I agree with one, sometimes with the other, frequently with neither, but I never speak my opinions because I always feel stuck in the middle. I feel an urgent need for all human beings to look at one another and find common ground. I focus on what we share, I look for the good in everyone, and I ask you, my readers to do the same. There is a place and time for debate and discussion-  dialogue is important- but not here. Please refrain from political commentary on this site. 

*The Woodchuck is the AnomalyMom designated mascot of all political parties not previously represented by Asses and Pachiderms.

2. New photos every week. Don’t get your hopes up, peeps. I’m a writer, CD is a photographer. Most of the time, I will just refer you to his Flickr site if there’s something visual we want to share. The pressure to have beautiful new photos with every post is one of the reasons I felt overwhelmed by my two previous blogs (did I mention I felt overwhelmed by my two previous blogs?).

3. For those of you who are former readers of AnomalyRoom, you may be wondering whatever became of my attempts in the field of textile design. It’s a bit of a long story, and I’ll share it with you in another post, but for now, suffice it to say that saucepot is on the back burner for awhile.  So, if you are a fabric/design/sewing hound, A.) I love you! and B.) Don’t expect too many crafty ideas and posts here. But some! Just as being a mom and a wife is so much a part of all my creative endeavors, so is my art and writing a part of my inspiration as a mom and wife.

Well, I think that about wraps things up for our introductory post. You’ll hear from me again soon. Until then, you soar through your life, I’ll soar through mine, and hopefully our paths will cross along the way 🙂



p.s. CameraDad came very close to being called ‘The Man in the Argyle Vest.’ Should we reconsider? You vote.


3 Responses to “Helen Keller, Pseudonymns, and Rules”

  1. peabill April 26, 2009 at 11:56 pm #

    Being a proud Ass I applaud your attempt at neutrality. I like your new blog, Amber June.


    Isn’t pachyderm spelled with a “y”?

    • impulse2soar April 27, 2009 at 6:30 am #

      Thanks Daddy! Way to go using my real name BTW 🙂

  2. Ashley April 30, 2009 at 12:27 am #

    NICE!! I am, as always, left with a laugh and a smile after reading your blog. I think I will like this one as well:)
    Jeez with the code names though… okay PV is too funny and I will call the other one goat boy:) but I vote that CD be argyle vest…but that’s just me.
    Good call on the neutrality. None on my blog, but what the heck. I think that if you are not inclined to discus politics etc. you shouldn’t feel you have to. And just because some folks do, doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in thoughtful rebuttal, and spirited debate. Why am I saying that? if you have differential views you can feel free to share them on stuff that I post, because that is how we grow. “have you ever thought of it this way..?” might do me some good now and again. And it’s okay for you to have an opinion, and express that opinion on my blog. I know you would do it out of respect, as I respect you. Besides, I highly doubt your inlaws read my anticdotes… so you are safe to disagree with ALL of us:) just maybe not on their blogs.lol, and you are right, we all have so much more in common then we know. love you…

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